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RFID Equipment and Solution Kits offers a huge selection of RFID products, including complete kits to allow you to quickly benefit from RFID.

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RFIDLaundry is dedicated to providing the best RFID solutions for the laundry industry.  Whether it is a real-time tracking or inventory solution can make finding the right solution simple.


"RFID Rapid Start" Package

If you are interested in utilizing RFID but don't know how or even if it is technically feasible for your situation, BlueBean’s “RFID Rapid Start” package can help. Our team of experienced professionals will work with you to determine if RFID is the right technology before investing a significant amount of time and money on a system that doesn’t meet your needs.

To learn more about BlueBean’s “RFID Rapid Start” Package please contact us: 800-966-7343


Tagging Hospital Laundry

Hospitals have begun using RFID to minize laundry problems.  The challange is that some hospitals use over 130,000 work garments such as operating gowns, robes, trousers etc in its medical and research operations.  Texas Instruments has RFID Tags specifically for clothing that need to be routinley laundered.  There is an interesting article that has more of the project details and can be found at ....Tagging Hospital Laundry

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